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Technical Support


Company’s Internet/Intranet security assessment

Employees accessing the internet to perform their job functions are unaware 99% of the time of potential attacks by hackers. PEMA provides vulnerability assessments on all devices on your network, examining open ports and services on all devices that access the Internet.


Network/Host Security bad credit unsecured loan Penetration Testing

Our engineers can perform rigorous penetration payadvance tests and vulnerability assessments in order to mitigate the risk associated with hacking, spyware, malware or software bug exploits.


Network instant laons Troubleshooting Services

Network troubleshooting can be very complex as different networks have different combinations of software and hardware that make it hard to isolate a problem. At PEMA, we have the expertise that comes from years of working in the financing a computer field and troubleshooting enterprise environments. This experience makes it possible for PEMA to apply the best methods/procedures to fix any network problem and to minimize any loss of revenue or impact to your business.


VPN implementation/support

Why pay the high price of a dedicated leased line? Setting up a site-to-site VPN allows for companies to partner, and collaborate. It also allows end users to access company resources remotely or for your clients to reach your services. Virtual Private Network connections have become a very popular and cost-effective solution and are a must for companies that have a need for remote access. Take advantage of our years of experience in the field, building, implementing and supporting VPN solutions.


Custom Network Security Design & Network Upgrades

Networks are evolving. New and better technologies, solutions and features come out every day. Whenever you have a need to build a new secure network, or the need to re-design or upgrade your existing infrastructure to yield better performance or enhanced security, our expert engineers can do just that. Our engineers will provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your network, and provide the best possible solution based on your environment, needs, best practices and resources.


Host Network Security

When it comes to Security, not only do we have to secure the network, we need to pay careful attention to your servers and workstations themselves, especially systems containing your sensitive data, or customer information. PEMA provides a variety of solutions to provide host security.


Cloud Services

Wether you are looking for storage without the cost of hardware, maintenance, backup and labor related to maintenance, or if you are looking for a secure personal loans for people with poor credit central location to store and share documents with your partners, customers or associates ask us about our cloud services.



Technical Support: