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shallow river smallmouth fishing

You can spend hours casting over the rocky shoals, river mouths or rocky points and catch nothing. Clear water does make it more of a challenge but patience will pay off. But if you have the gumption to pursue river smallmouth bass in this fashion, you will be rewarded with exciting battles with what is surely the most accomplished fighting fish in fresh water in the Nutmeg State. Winter fishing is just the opposite. When the river levels rise smallmouth become more active, except in the winter. Use the current when working your lures. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Using crankbaits or spinnerbaits will get their attention in the higher and stained waters. Unless you’re tuned to assume they have smallmouth in them, the rivers often look like largemouth territory, with log jams, laydowns, patches of grass and little visible rock. Smallmouths are curious and will check out sounds and vibrations. I have watched anglers work in an area and not catch anything. A 2-pound, current-pumped smallie makes you think you've tagged a 4-pounder. The constant rapid flow of water works to dislodge some of the smaller prey, such as insects and nymphs, from the shallow rock. Tactics for pursuing smallmouth bass and rivers are a bit different than when fishing in lakes. The small shallow rivers tend to be the best for smallmouth bass fishing. You will need to find out how aggressive they are in the clear water. Either way, though, I’m talking about fishing shallow shorelines and the backs of creeks — classic fall locations. The best choice for this kind of fishing is a spinnerbait or crankbait. The shallow water makes finding them easier also. I set no restrictions on the number of lures that could be listed, the only stipulation being that participants would list lures until all present were satisfied that they had enough choices to be able to fish successfully throughout the year. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In the spring if water levels are too high smallmouth will avoid the traditional spawning area. Some of the best information and tips for all kinds of river smallmouth fishing can be found in the book “River Smallmouth Fishing”. Generally speaking, the river fishing experience is more relaxed and less complicated. Gravel and rocks in these areas make them better. These fish actually like to be at the edge of the current, unlike largemouth. In rivers, the water conditions change quite often. Hot weather and shallow river smallmouth fishing are part of summer in many areas of North America. Here are some great tips to fish the most productive areas of these rivers.Shallow river smallmouth fishing The equation for smallie… River Smallmouth Fishing. 5 months ago admin . Fishing in rivers is a little different than a lake but you need to find cover and structure on any water. On the shoreline, you need to employ small river tactics and work the rocky or gravel shorelines. The equation for smallie success in shallow rivers like the Quinebaug in summer is to ignore the stretches that lack the cover these fish crave quickly, allowing you to spend much more time in areas that hold boulders and pools. Smallmouth will be waiting. Current seams with structure and cover are a winning combination for smallmouth. Smallmouth in Shallow Rivers. When you hook one the fight is on and it will give you a surprising fight for its size. See my review here: click here. Kevin Van Dam and Casey Martin Find Success Spybaiting, [VIdeo] River and Stream Hopping For Smallmouth Bass, [Video] Searching For Smallies: The River Eddy. Resting ones are more often found in a seam of slower moving water. Much different than a river like the St. Lawrence or Detroit River, the rivers in Wisconsin are usually fairly shallow, very winding and have clear, coffee-colored water. Smallmouth in shallow water are notoriously finicky and will more strictly relate to structure and bottom composition changes than smallmouth found in lakes. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Fishing an area without good cover and structure is the most often mistake new or inexperienced anglers to make. In a nutshell, take all of the fish behavioral tendencies of our normal largemouth and smallmouth fishing knowledge and amplify it, there you’ll … It will shortcut your success dramatically! If you are fishing from any kind of watercraft, it needs to be stationary. Moving water creates a conveyor belt of food, washing everything downstream to the fish without them having to travel for it. Keeping fishing simple for tight lines and bragging rights. Summertime river fishing can be run-and-gun where one person is on the oars running the boat downstream while his buddy pounds the banks. Luke Stoner Productive shallow patterns are sought after like the last slice of pizza for most bass fishermen by the time June rolls around. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These will be below dams on most rivers and offer several hundred yards of good smallmouth waters. In other words, most of the water is easy to access for all anglers. Lures retrieved across the current go by quickly from a bass’ viewpoint. Don’t miss a chance to fish undercut banks, fallen trees, weed beds, deep holes, and eddies. Then sneak the boat along the shallow inside bend, mak- ing long casts to the island eddy (3). A little rain or dams leaving out water will raise the levels. When you are shallow river smallmouth fishing, you want to make sure that you are always careful to not disturb the pools you are going to fish.

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